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HAM Plug

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HAM Plug

HAM Plug is designed to replace conventional wall Electrical Outlets.

It allows you to take control of the plugged-in device and get power and energy analytics.

What can Plug do for you

  • Control electrical devices from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or web browser
  • No need to re-check if you forgot the iron on after leaving home
  • Set a daily, weekly or monthly energy budget in kWh or
  • Set timetables of operation
  • Automate tasks using If-This-Then-That type Rules
  • Know how much electricity you spend and save money
HAM Plug fits in a electrical box
HAM Plug with plugged in device

HAM Plug is Unobtrusive

HAM Plug is fitted in your wall and out of sight.

Can be fitted with most regular sockets on the market.

The future is here!

Technical Stuff

  • Works with 230VAC, 50Hz Mains voltage
  • Control any electrical plug-in device as Plug is capable of controlling up to 16A loads, the limit for standard Schuko/EU sockets
  • Measure real-time active power, reactive power, energy consumption and temperature
  • Works with WiFi, no hubs required!


Wi-Fi Made in Greece Conformity

HAM Plug fits in a electrical box