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Control your devices with your smartphone and tablet

Check on your oven while away or turn on the waterheater on your way home

Interact with your home on Facebook chat

Receive alerts and ask it to do things for you

Monitor your energy consumption

Learn what you pay for on your electricity bill

All this through our website and our app

All you need is a regular WiFi router and an internet connection

Privacy and security are our priorities. All communications are end-to-end encrypted

Smart automation by defining rules in a if-this-then-that fashion

Schedule your garden lights by sunlight

Forget the old regular dumb wall plugs

Meet HAM plug, the smart choice

Left the lights on?

No worries, HAM LightSwitch to the rescue!

Want to control heavy loads like your waterheater or oven?

Control and monitor energy consumption on your electrical panel with HAM DinSwitch

HAM Dinswitch

Intuitive control with floorplan feature

Layout your devices by their actual location

Share devices with family and friends

Issue voice commands

Support for popular virtual assistant platforms, enabling voice control

Available for Alexa

Our timeline



The idea of home automation is not a new one. However, there were not any products that made the home automation proccess easy and affordable. But in recent times, new technology breakthroughs allowed for the HAM idea to hatch and the road for mass market consumer home automation products to open.

Nov 14
First prototype HAM

First protoHAM

A rough working prototype with a homebrew board is complete. The first HAM was able to remotely turn a light bulb on/off and report power consumption ...roughly. Server side service quite unstable.

Mar 15
Smart Specialization contest

Placed in Smart Specialization contest

Our business idea was one of the winning ideas in the Smart Specialization contest that was organized by Drama Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Oct 15
HAM Company Founding

Company founding

We officially started operations as Home Automation and More Private Company!

Jun 16
Play store release

Play store release

The HAM app for Android became available for download from the Play Store.Store Listing

Feb 17
Amazon Alexa skill release

Amazon Alexa skill release

The HAM skill for Amazon Alexa was released on the Skill Directory enabling voice controls.Store Listing

Apr 17
App store release

App store release

The HAM app for iOS became available for download from the App Store.Store Listing

Jul 17
HAM DinSwitch released

HAM DinSwitch released

Our first hardware product, HAM DinSwitch, hits the european and domestic market!

Nov 17

About us

Panagiotis Pampalos

Panagiotis Pampalos

Co-Founder / CEO

Panagiotis is an Electrical and Computer Engineer graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. He is the business lead of HAM and a hardware developer. He is also a talented chess player and an avid sailor.

pampalos (@) hamsystems.eu

Lefteris Chatzipetrou

Lefteris Chatzipetrou

Co-Founder / CTO

Lefteris is an Electrical and Computer Engineer graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. He is responsible for the full HAM stack, from circuit design to web services. He enjoys video games and plays the guitar.

lefteris (@) hamsystems.eu

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