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If you run a business or conduct research you need this

Even if you are not very technical or don’t have time to spare, you can still reap the benefits of Internet-of-Things. Your competition already does.

To be able to compete in your market or field you need data. Information is the most important competitive advantage in the modern world. The more data you collect the better equipped you are to become more efficient, more productive and crush it. You are blind to what you can’t measure. This is why the Internet-of-Things is the future.

Data and measurements can shape your strategy and save you money and time and improve your operations. It enables you to innovate in ways you couldn’t before. It can make you go twice as fast.

You can save an average of 12% on your utility bills just by monitoring you energy consumption, or save hundreds or thousands in damages by responding to an emergency as soon as possible. You need data to make groundbreaking research.

HAM Systems app showing humisense
Network cables

We understand that

data collection and control in the real world is complicated. It has a lot of moving parts.

You need sensors. You need actuators. You need gateways. You need gateways of gateways. You need IT and web infrastructure to collect the data. You need interfaces to view and software to process the data. You need the ability to share the data with all the interested parties and on top of that you need someone to come up with specifications, implementation details and monitor and maintain the system.

This seems like a lot of effort, money, time and riskIs it worth it? For small scale projects, probably not … until now

We have you covered

We are involved in the Internet-of-Things space since 2015 with thousands of happy clients and we know what is involved. Our goal is to democratize Internet-of-Things, empowering clients at any scale.

We have all the needed IT infrastructure in place and the know-how both in hardware and software. We provide our Cloud services and interfaces (app, web, API) at the very competitive price of free of charge (that’s right, no subscriptions!).

This allows even small scale installations to make sense. Our approach is truly scalable and adaptable to your specific needs.

Large scale projects are more economical, flexible and involve way less risk than other solutions on the market.

You tell us what you need, we agree on the specifications and you just pay for hardware. You just do what you do best. We take care of the rest.

HAM HumiSense

Clients include

  • Ikea
  • bd
  • terkenlis
  • wolt
  • agrino
  • costa-navarino
  • edesma
  • euromedica
  • evol
  • goody-s
  • mitera
  • nammos
  • romapizza
  • agios-loukas
  • dryfo
  • farma_koukaki
  • isa
  • ktima-gerovassiliou
  • municipality-of-trikala
  • olympia
  • xwriatiki_zimi
  • ΣΕΗΘ
  • Aristotle University of Macedonia
  • megaro-mousikis
  • mouseio-goulandri
  • seven2seven
  • creta-clinic
  • hellas-meze
  • introfex
  • lemonis-bakery
  • melinda
  • crystal
  • eurimac
  • med-hotels
  • myloi-papafili
  • panepistimio-ioanninwn
  • uowm
  • biolab
  • carestream
  • caviarhouse
  • ceva
  • genesis
  • interbeton
  • ioniki_engineering
  • lafazanis
  • newpharm
  • olympic_palace
  • omilos_iatrikou
  • onasio
  • pomegranate
  • puratos
  • albeta
  • atlantica-hotel
  • chickin
  • entom-group
  • epsem
  • eurovita
  • frumenta
  • lactea
  • papagalos
  • petsiavas
  • anatomy-techniques
  • axion-health
  • bioptics
  • confectis
  • delphino-blue
  • dessole-hotels
  • g-fish
  • karlos-enterprises
  • medil
  • nosokomeio_ierapetras
  • numoierapetra
  • olymp
  • provet
  • streemglobal
  • aspis
  • doppler-sa
  • kosmikon
  • kritiko-ergastiri
  • papagiorgis
  • pnoi
  • psaraki
  • roupas-agora-kreaton
  • tegaia
  • tseligas
  • labogen
  • phytorgan
  • staramaki
  • union
  • vergos
  • gemma
  • panigiris
  • grafotehniki
  • healingfood
  • kolionasios
  • kreopoleio
  • sidapharm
  • wesud
  • chryssinas
  • intelagro
  • bouchees
  • tenacious-greek
HAM Cloud

With our free Cloud platform you can

  • Get Data logging with dynamic high temporal resolution. Your data never expires, we keep your data forever unless you choose to delete it.
  • View real-time and historical data on your smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world, at any time.
  • Export reports in PDF or CSV, importable in spreadsheet software like Excel.
  • Visualize your devices on the map and floorplans. Handy when you have devices in multiple geographical locations.
  • Set Rules for notifications and interactions between devices. For example, when temperature is above 10 degrees for 30 minutes, then call this number and turn on a backup system.
  • Use our intuitive free apps for android, ios and web.
  • Leverage our Open API to use in your application. Python and JavaScript code available upon request.

Available Now

Temperature / Humidity

If you have cold storage, server rooms or environmentally sensitive goods, you need this now

HAM HumiSense



with VAT 105.40

3+75.64 €
6+70.54 €
11+67.46 €
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HAM HumiSense

HAM ThermoSense



with VAT 93.00

3+64.00 €
6+59.00 €
11+55.00 €
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HAM ThermoSense

Level / Distance / Volume

Distance and level measurement data logger with WiFi using Ultrasonic technology. Volume and time-to-empty calculation. SMS, phonecalls or push notifications.

General Purpose Inputs

For anything with a on/off state. For example know when a vat is full, using a float sensor. Or when a door opens, using a magnetic sensor. Get notified immediately when something happens. Up to 4 inputs




with VAT 74.40

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Energy and Power Measurements and on/off Control. A must for high energy consumption appliances, like water-heaters and electrical heating or fire hazards like electrical cooking equipment or flat irons

Automation Control

For anything with a on/off state and allows relay control. For example control of electrical doors. Up to 2 inputs and outputs per device

HAM Relay



with VAT 111.60

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HAM Relay

Sky is the Limit

This is only a glimpse of what is possible. Thanks to our software and hardware platform, we are able to make devices tailored to your needs. Fill the form below to get in touch with us!

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